Normal polish Time Morgon Taylor Vinylux
File, Buff and Polish 20 mins R165 R180
Mini Mani (File, Paint and Cuticles) 30 mins R265 R275
Full Mani (File, Paint, Cuticles, Massage and Scrub) 45 mins R310 R325
Deluxe Mani with Paraffin Wax 60 mins R350 R370
Naked Mani (File, Buff and Massage) 30 mins R265 -


Gel Time Shellac  Gelish
(applies like polish, wears flawlessly for 14 days, and is removed in minutes)
File and Paint 30 mins R340 R330
Mini Mani 30 mins R390 R380
Mini Pedi 30 mins R420 R420
Full Mani (File, Paint, Cuticles, Massage and Scrub) 60 mins R485 R440
Full Pedi (File, Paint, Cuticles, Massage and Scrub) 60 mins R490 R490
Natural Soft Gel tips 60 mins - R480
Soft Gel Tips with Gel 60 mins R585 R565
Soft Gel Tips Fill 60 mins R450 R430
Soak off and Reapplication 15 mins R80 R85
Soak off 15 mins R105 R110
Soft Gel soak off 15 mins - R150


Repair New Nail20 minsR50
Soak off45 minsR150
Natural Fill60 minsR330
Fill with Gelish75 minsR420
Natural Overlays 60 minsR470
Overlay with Polish 75 minsR470
Gelish Overlays75 minsR500
Full Set Natural Tips 60 minsR520
Full Set Tips with Polish75 minsR570
Full Set Tips with Gelish 90 minsR620


Everyday Extras Time Price
Nail Art 15 mins R35
Repair per Nail 15 mins R50
Hand/Foot Massage 15 mins R120
Hand/Foot Massage 30 mins R240
French Paint 20 min R60


Pedicures Time Morgon Taylor Vinylux
File, Buff and Polish 20 mins R170 R190
Mini Pedi (File, Paint, Cuticles) 30 mins R270 R275
Full Pedi (File, Paint and Cuticles, Scrub and Massage) 60 mins R360 R370
Deluxe Pedi with Paraffin (File, Paint, Cuticles, Massage and Scrub) 75 mins R370 R390
Naked Pedi (File, Buff and Massage) 30 mins R300 -
Medi Heel Pedi 75 mins R480 R495
Hard Skin Removal 20 mins R185 -
Time Price
Eyebrows 15 mins R140
Eyelashes 20 mins R190
Eyebrow and Eyelashes 30 mins R265


Time Price
Lip, Brow or Chin 15 mins R110
Lip and Chin 15 mins R170
Lip and Brow 30 mins R230
Eye Lash Treatments Time Price
Lash Extensions Full Set 90 mins R750
Lash Extensions Half Set 60 mins R500
Lash Extension Fill (3 week) 60 mins R490
Lash Extensions Fill (2 week) 60 mins R380
Lash Extension Removal 30 mins R170
Lash Lift 30 mins R460


Time Price
Manicure 45 mins R230
Pedicure 45 mins R300
Add on Paraffin Wax 15 mins R80


18 yrs & under  Time Price
Manicure 30 mins R205
Pedicure 30 mins R220


12 yrs & under Time Price
Manicure 20 mins R120
Pedicure 20 mins R120



Neck, back, shoulders30 minsR350
Neck, back, shoulders60 minsR450
Foot massage30 minsR240
Foot massage60 minsR420
Hand massage 30 minsR240
Hand massage 60 minsR420


Facial threadingTimePrice 
Brows15 minsR130
Lip15 minsR120
Chin15 minsR120
Lip and Chin30 minsR210
Brows and Lip30 minsR210
Brows and Chin35 minsR210
Lip, Brows, Chin35 minsR270
Full Face45 minsR320

Walk-ins welcome.